Strengths and Weaknesses....

Teddy was my best Therapy Dog ever!! ....if you could get him in and out of the hospital without stressing. His fear of traffic and noises carried over to simply walking in and out of public places. Once we did get inside the building, he was a different dog almost immediately.

Teddy HATED obedience and you could tell, he was doing it for ME and me alone for he had NO interest in it and I'm sure he couldn't figure out what the purpose of it was. He lagged in heeling and went down on the sits. But, on the other hand, he never ran away from me like some of my other dogs have been known to do!

After seeing him constantly herding or trying to herd the girls around, I thought, hmm, I wonder....would he be good at sheep herding?? Well, the answer was no... sheep chasing.... yes.. sheep herding.... no... As I said on another page... the evaluator said: "it's hard to look innocent with wool in your mouth!"