Raising Brita

Brita came to live with us in March of 2007 and was 14 weeks old. She was fearless and quite obnoxious so Teddy was given the job of raising her and teaching her manners.

Below are some photos of the two of them playing which Brita taught Teddy to do. He was too rough with Olivia and Kobie and they would shut down on him or run away. My guess is that he never really learned how to play but Brita was tough enough to come right back to him and continue playing. When Teddy developed a limp, he became less tolerant of her antics and did not want to play like before.

Because of this I decided that, for his sake, they should not be together so from about March of 2008 until December of that year he was back with Olivia and Kobie who didn't jump all over him. Then, it seemed like he was better so I put him with Brita again and it seemed like she matured and no longer harassed him. She would try to get him to play but not be obnoxious. I would see her on a regular basis, ever so gently, lay down beside him in his crate for a few minutes curled up and snuggling next to him. In the past, this would have caused him to get up to get away from her but he now seemed to not mind at all.

The 2 of them sure had some fun that first summer. Below are some videos that will make you smile. The last video clip shows how she would literally crawl over his head and he would bare his teeth and then she would get even more submissive sliding all over him while on her back.

Snow Dogs

Brita and Teddy in Kitchen

Brita annoying Teddy on Couch