Teddy and Bradley

My friend Angie was here doing some dog training and she brought her 12 year old son along. He was in and out of the house doing some computer stuff and being a really good kid. At some point we were in eating a pizza and then went outside and he started playing with Ari, Kobie and Olivia and we took some videos.. he really loves dogs.....

Anyway... Angie and I went back out and a hour later we wrapped it and came in the house. Bradley was in the living room on the computer. We were standing at the counter and he asked me how many dogs I have. I said the 3 he was playing with who were right by him and Brita. Then he said: "Well, there was another dog on the porch a little while ago and I went over to the door to look and then he wasn't there". I explained that there was no way a dog can get in or out of the yard with the fence setup and the 3 were right with him and Brita was with me. I asked him to describe the dog and he described Teddy. I pulled up a picture of Teddy when he was younger by the fence and he had a really dark face and Bradley said no, the dog was more grey.

Teddy behind fence 

So I showed him the picture that is below and he said, "that's the dog". When I told him Teddy was no longer with us, he was so funny because he said: "oh great... now I see dead dogs!"

... then I said... what was Joshua (my parrot) doing ( he was on the porch).. Bradley said: "He was saying Hello".

This would go with the conversation with Marilyn in May....

·He’s (Teddy) everywhere….everything’s fine….comfortable…at ease…· Fine with his resting place  
Ari’s coming soon but that’s ok since everyone gets along – they were together before.  
He’s watching all of us and he’s everywhere..